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Conflict between Local 3.3.0 and Local 5.0.4

I installed Local 5.0.4 Beta, and it doesn’t work with Local 3.3.0, there are two major issues:

  1. When I create Local 5 website, it adds entries to hosts file (this is Windows 10), but it removes all Local 3 created hosts entries.

  2. Local 5 entries in hosts file are all pointing to so it is in conflict as it looks like with other environments (I use XAMPP) that depend on this IP also. Why Local 5 uses, and not some other IP like the Local 3.3 does? This is a major issue if there is another environment set up.


Hi Milan,

Thanks for the feedback!

  1. You’re absolutely right on this. The get around this, we recommend editing the /etc/hosts file directly. To ensure the records aren’t edited by Local, remove # Local Site from the end of the line and also move it out of the Local by Flywheel - Start and Local by Flywheel - End blocks.

  2. Since Local Lightning uses native process (similar to MAMP), the process need to be bound to and ::1. Using VirtualBox with Local by Flywheel allowed us to leverage the virtual network layer so that’s how we were able to get around this issue previously.

Thanks for the info.

Any suggestions on how to solve second issue and have XAMPP/MAMPP work along side Loxal 5?

This is something that’s currently in the works for Lightning.

The best workaround for this is to change the HTTP and HTTPS ports in XAMPP/MAMP.