Versionpress open_proc issue

Hey guys

I’m trying to merge bd’s between Wordpress dev site using Local and a live site. I found a solution that is in beta called VersionPress and from what I can see, it solves the problem but it wont activate*
I have searched around and found that it needs “proc_open()” enabled. I’m no php wiz but I took a look at the wp_config file and can’t find it in there so I think this might be something to do with Local’s server settings.

Anyone know how to enable things like proc_open and other (I think) php settings?
I’m on windows 8.1

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

  • (its complaining that Git version doesn’t match 1.9+ when I just fresh installed 2.17 without another Git version ever being on the system and the path env is setup correctly)

Ok, it seems it had nothing to do with PHP functions but rather to do with the way Local works.

I re-read some of the docs and saw that Local treats each site as an individual OS and I had only installed Git on the host OS, not Local. SSH into the site and then ran spt-get install git and I now have a working Versionpress! :smiley: