Webpack + Browsersync = "Waiting For Local Host"

I’m using Webpack (no gulp) with “browser-sync-webpack-plugin” . It works as expected for about 2 - 3 changes and then I start getting the “Waiting for local host” message going on forever and everything stuffs up.

I’ve tried other repos using webpack and browsersync for Wordpress builds and they all stuff up for me.

I’ve seen a couple other threads in connection to Gulp/Browsersync and slow reloads, and i’ve tried the tweaks with no success.

Anybody have an suggestions?


This would be with Webpack 4 by the way.

Sigh. Just one of those things that you overlook and you spend way too much time on!

I was on node 11.0, which is fairly recent, so I didn’t think much of it. After reading the issue linked below I updated to 11.1 and browsersync seems to be running stable now. Just adding this here just in case it helps someone else.

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