Website caching badly

I really want to like Local by Flywheel, but I’ve not spent an hour trying to understand why it’s massively cached!

I did changes yesterday and looked great, come back to it and it’s back to the day before yet the code is right and up to date. It just seems to be caching in Flywheel. I put the code in Xampp and works fine.

Anyone got ideas before I sadly uninstall it.

Is dev mode turned on? In the top right corner of the local application window there is a toggle for dev mode, when it is off the system shouldn’t cache anything.

Same issue here. Find it really sad no one from Flywheel is answering

I have localwp and dont have the Dev in top right corner thing.

Were you able to fix

and I dont have Devmode in the latest version 5.7.2

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