Local Pull from Flywheel Error & Codekit

Hi Clay,

I’ve been using Local since the acquisition. I love it and have come to use it exclusively for my development workflow alongside Codekit. When I build a website locally, everything works well - codekit and local play really well. Pushing a website live is no problem, but as soon as I pull a website down from flywheel, it causes issues with the codekit’s local server and I can no longer connect to the website or use browser refresh locally.

This obviously is not a great outcome as I rely on pulling websites down to work on them locally. Is there any chance you could take a look at this? Any idea what could be causing the issue with codekit?

Look forward to hearing from you,


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An update:

I’ve spoken to Bryan from Codekit and he thinks there could be an issue with something stopping DNS resolution from working and the requests for various assets are timing out.

I cannot have Codekit auto-refresh, please, could you help me ?!
I don’t know if I have to choose Public or root folder of my website in Codekit & in Browser refreshing, what I have to fill ?
Flywheel address is mywebsite.local & I fill the same address in codekit external server address…
Best :slight_smile:

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