What OS version (Ubuntu ND mAC) does Local development track for releases?

Local and Linux Compatibility

A lot of times, Local updates cause issues on Linux (Ubuntu in my case) with compatibility. I find myself having to hold off on updates or pin packages to avoid conflicts and errors that always seem to crop up after updating. Not knowing what version of the Linux kernel or a distro a particular version of Local was tested/built for, causes a lot of headaches.

I’m part of a team running Local on Ubuntu and Mac platforms, and we often find ourselves having to use versions of Local 3 and 4 versions back from the latest so there’s functionality and compatibility of features.

Information Is Helpful

Is there somewhere that tracks compatibility and testing for different versions of Local? Something that says, for example: “This version of Local was tested with kernel x.xx and Ubuntu/Debian xx.xx” and something similar for Macs…even Windows, I suppose? Maybe with notes on any packages that should be pinned? I haven’t been able to find something with that sort of information, yet.

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