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When I connect to wp admin it says "This site is inaccessible"

Hello I have almost finished my site but I have just made a big mistake by wanting to modify the name of my site I have modified in the settings of my wordpress site the address of the local site and as a result I can no longer go to the WP-admin nor in my site it puts me “This site is inaccessible Check if the address mbtech.local is correct.”. Please save me I’ve been on this site for 100 hours

Hi @MBtech - thank you for bringing your question to the Local Community. :slight_smile:

:warning: Before doing this I would recommend making a backup of your website by following this help doc: How to export a WordPress site from Local - Local

Do you know which setting you changed? Since you can’t access wp-admin, here’s a screenshot of the WordPress settings panel:

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Both of those URLs (WordPress Address & Site Address) can be updated without access to wp-admin through the wp-config.php file.

If you click “Go to site folder” within Local, you can navigate to app > public > wp-config.php

If you open that in your preferred code editor, you should be able to update the URL with the following lines:


You may need to stop and restart the site in order for the files to sync.

I just tested this and it worked so long as I set both of those URL’s to the Local site domain.

Please let me know if that helps,

Sam :woman_technologist:t3: