When uploading wordpress backup I'm getting the error "Your web server's PHP installation has these functions disabled: gzopen, gzread. Your hosting company must enable these functions before restoration can work. Failed to open database file."

I’m trying to upload from a backup of a live wordpress site in order to test upgrading the php version. I created the backup using ‘Updraft Plus’ on the live site. The backup includes 4 files for the database, themes, plugins and uploads. Three of them are zip and one is a .gz files which I think is causing the error.

Here is a screenshot of the error message when uploading to the local test site using ‘Updraft Plus’


Same problem for me how to activate this function in Local app ?


Me too! I’ll try a work around but it would be good to know the answer!

I fixed by downgrading the php version for timebeing.

One year later…