Where does Local install its VirtualBox VM?

The first step on the uninstallation process for Local suggests removing the local-by-flywheel VM through the VirtualBox GUI. In my case, VirtualBox won’t load so I want to remove the VM manually, then uninstall both Local and VirtualBox.

Where does Local/VirtualBox put the local-by-flywheel VM?

Note: I’m not unhappy with Local. Just don’t need it any longer.

Hey @erik

Do you have a Windows or Mac computer?

For me on Mac the VM is located in the ~/.docker/machine/machines folder:

$ pwd
$ ls -alh
total 16
drwx------   4 benjamin  staff   128B Jun 11 10:20 .
drwx------   6 benjamin  staff   192B Jun 11 10:20 ..
-rw-r--r--@  1 benjamin  staff   6.0K Jun 11 10:20 .DS_Store
drwx------  14 benjamin  staff   448B Nov  5 13:31 local-by-flywheel

– Ben

I’m on a Mac and mine are there too. Thanks!

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