Where is the MySQL database installed?

When I migrate my Local site to Flywheel via a zip file I need to include the MySQL database, but I’m not seeing it (or maybe it’s I’m not recognizing what I’m looking at) in the Local Sites folder. on my computer. Can someone tell me where to find the database?

Inside of each site folder you’ll find an ‘app’ folder. Inside of that is a ‘sql’ folder, which contains all of the database files for that site.

Thanks for the reply. However, the only thing in my app folder is a public folder which contains the WordPress files.

I have a MySQL folder within a conf folder, and that is what I included in my initial upload to Flywheel, but they said it didn’t contain my database, which prompted me to search and search and then ask for help here.

Ah…seems that the folder structure I referred to only exists after you export the site. I created a new site and there is no sql folder inside of the app folder.

I would assume that you would need to export your database data using either the SequelPro or Adminer interfaces, or from within a plugin like WP Migrate DB. That would probably be the smartest way to go anyway, since the latter would also allow you to search/replace your URLs and filepaths to account for the differences between your local site and your live site.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

One more thing…I just tried exporting the new site I created using MySQL version 5.5, and the database files are in a sql subfolder inside of the app folder (in the exported zip file). They just don’t appear there in the actual site folder that lives under ‘Local Sites’ until you do an export. (You have to actually “export” the site by right-clicking on it).

Thank you for the education and for your time. I appreciate it. I installed WP Migrate DB and successfully exported my tables. Happy New Year!

For the record: the SQL folder is populated whenever sites are Stopped or Restarted :slight_smile:

Brilliant! Glad to have that on the record. It’s the simple things that I don’t think of. Thank you Clay. Happy New Year.