Which LocalWP version for MacBook Pro IOS 10.12.6

Which release/version of LocalWP do I need in order to be compatible with MacBook Pro IOS 10.12.6? Newest LocalWP versions not compatible, but if anyone knows please help so I won’t have to go down the list and try to install EVERY. SINGLE. RELEASE! Until I find one! Thanks!

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I hate to ask but is there some reason you don’t want to keep the OS updated?

Everywhere I search online is a bit confusing about what exactly I am supposed to update to. Right now my MacBook is macOS Sierra 10.12.6. Local says it needs to be 10.13. When I click “About This Mac”>Software updates it says “Update Installed in the Last 30 Days”>Installed May 31, 2022. Beyond that it’s not showing anything available. I read where MacBook Pros a lot older than mine can update to High Sierra but I can’t even find it in the Apple store. Any advice for what to update to?

Hello, Robyn! Welcome to the Local Community! :wave:t3:

Have you tried the steps & links shown in this article to update to macOS High Sierra?

Let me know if that helps!

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