White "View Site" screen AND Is there Backup Plugin?

Yesterday I had major glitches with Local and am wondering if someone here can help me sort it out. Please forgive me as I’m a novice and any help is MUCH appreciated!

I’m building a demo site trying out Elegant Themes Divi with Local and yesterday my whole computer slowed down. Local was having trouble starting up, couldn’t access admin and view site took me to a white screen. Looks like others were having troubles so I waited to see if it ‘fixed itself’ overnight. :wink:

Well, today I can start Local, access admin but still can’t see my site. I’m not sure if it’s something with the theme or Local.

Any suggestions?

On another note, is there a way to download a backup of a site using a WordPress plugin? This test was rather alarming when I had no backup.


BTW… I DO know about WordPress backup plugins but am not sure if they work with Flywheel/Local or if there’s a preferred one to use.

Hi @CitrusMeg, happy to try and see what may be going on.

First, you should be able to import a site with a plugin like you would be used to. If you are trying to export a site from Local you can right click on the site and use the Export function which would give you a zip of the site. A plugin route should work as you are used to.

As for the not being able to see the site, when you mention you can access the admin, that’s the WordPress admin at /wp-admin, correct?

Typically when a site is whitescreening it can be due to a theme not being active, which is a bit rare, or a 500 error happening. For the latter, enabling the wp_debug option should help display some more information.

To turn on wp_debug the wp-config.php will need to be updated. This can be done by the left sidebar in Local noting the site name > right clicking > Reveal in finder (may differ on Windows). Inside the folder name of the site there is an app folder. That is where WordPress files live. From there you can follow these steps to enable wp_debug - https://codex.wordpress.org/WP_DEBUG

If it produces any error information, it may help resolve the white screen or you can paste them here for other members to help.

Thanks for the quick reply and help!

I didn’t explain things as well as I should have… It’s WordPress admin. I’m running Local 2.2.3 on Mac OS 10.11.6.

Another person posted exactly what has been happening to me. Check out “Admin dashboard works, but site homepage won’t load (v2.2.3)”. I’ve had error messages too. Should I still debug?

Thanks for clearing up the backup plugin questions too!

UPDATE: I’m working with the Divi theme. When I view site it loads and then freezes. Can’t scroll, or click on anything.

Would you or @claygriffiths have an idea where to go from here? Thanks in advance!

Having anything from debug would be helpful and it’s designed to work on the front-end of the site to share warnings and errors.

Outside of the homepage, are any pages accessible, with the exception of anything in /wp-admin?

One other test would be to create a brand new site to see if it functions properly. If so, then add the Divi theme to see if a fresh install allows it to work. If things were imported to the theme or migrated, there could be some conflicts.

Thanks for your help @t-rave. I opened up the wp_config file in Atom, did a search for the debug code “(define( ‘WP_DEBUG’, false );)” and it’s not in it! Can I just add it in or could this be the problem?

When I click the “View Site” from Local it takes me to a frozen homepage but nothing is clickable or scrollable. I know I can just rebuild but I’d like to figure this out so I know what to do or how to avoid it. One thing I was experimenting with prior to things going array is adding a Google map via the Divi Visual Builder (not a plugin). I removed the API key and still can’t get into the site to even delete the module!

I did try activating another theme (Twenty Seventeen) from Admin. It does work but I have code showing where images should be. This is just a dummy site I’m using to test Divi and Local so if you want me to upload the zip file somewhere please let me know. Thanks.

@CitrusMeg yep, by default WP_Debug is not in the wp-config.php so you’ll want to add it - define( 'WP_DEBUG', true );

It sounds like elements on the homepage are showing but getting frozen up when using Divi. To me it sounds like it may be trying to make a request that is holding things up. I’ve not personally worked with the Divi theme so it’s hard to make strong recommendations but if you can activate the theme then quickly navigate to the section with the map and remove it, not with a page builder but within /wp-admin, that may work.

Thanks @t-rave. Have a good weekend!