Why did my Site disappear? :(

I made a new site, added a few plugins then tried changing the db table prefixes for the site:
changed the prefix in wp-config then ran the appropriate sql commands directly via adminer and then I tried logging back into my site and I just get taken to the wp set-up page asking me to choose language, username etc… everything is gone, even though the database and local domain is there!

Anyone know what might have happened?

Did you change the database prefix in the wp-config.php file?

It’s hard to say exactly without seeing some of the specifics.

What tables that are in the database (ie, what do you see in Adminer) as well as what is the prefix is within the wp-config.php file for the site?

You mention running some sql commands. What were the sql statements that were run?

I just created a test site to see exactly what the issue is - didn’t add any themes or plugins just to avoid them complicating the matter -
Literally just set-up a default wp site with one admin user -
then I changed the wp table prefixes -

  • Changed on wp-config first
  • then the 12 default tables in db via adminer
  • options table
  • meta table

Now when I sign in, i’m literally just getting a: ‘sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.’

Tried this with two different sites and getting the same response each time :-/

Didn’t get any errors when re-configuring. Any idea what the problem could be?

Hi ben,

for prefix name ‘test_’

it was:
$table_prefix = ‘test_’

RENAME table wp_commentmeta TO test_commentmeta;
RENAME table wp_comments TO test_comments;
RENAME table wp_links TO test_links;
RENAME table wp_options TO test_options;
RENAME table wp_postmeta TO test_postmeta;
RENAME table wp_posts TO test_posts;
RENAME table wp_terms TO test_terms;
RENAME table wp_termmeta TO test_termmeta;
RENAME table wp_term_relationships TO test_term_relationships;
RENAME table wp_term_taxonomy TO test_term_taxonomy;
RENAME table wp_usermeta TO test_usermeta;
RENAME table wp_users TO test_users;

SELECT * FROM test_options WHERE option_name LIKE ‘%wp_%’

SELECT * FROM test_usermeta WHERE meta_key LIKE ‘%wp_%’

And that’s it

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