Imported Site and now my Database tables got deleted

Hello my names Kyle.

I was moving my default directory for local by flywheel to a different hard disk on my PC. When I reinstalled the software and imported my site to flywheel the database was giving me a error. " Your wp-config.php file has an empty database table prefix, which is not supported." So I opened the Database tab for the site on flywheel and opened Adminer.

My Flywheel overview:
Screen shot of my Database:

I’m not the best with databases and usually dont mess around with them. It’s saying I dont have any tables and I’m not entirely sure how to rebuilt them into the database. I’m only a word press designer part time and made this site for a friend as a side job. If anyone could point me in the right direction to solving this issue I’d greatly appreciate the help. Honestly I should of backed up the site properly and the database.

-Thanks Kyle