Why Does Local ALWAYS Use my Opera Browser?

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Local always opens my Opera browser, but I never set this as a preference, anywhere…I wouldn’t even know how. I have Opera on on laptop, but do not enjoy using it. So two questions here:

First, if I remove the Opera browser from my laptop, will it affect me being able to use Local?

And second, I never set any preferences for my Opera browser to be used by Local…so why (specifically) is Local always using my Opera browser???

And I guess a third question is, how can I choose which browser Local decides to even use?

I do not like using my Opera browser, and would like to delete it from my laptop, but I am worried that it’s going to affect my use of Local. That being said, am I “safe” to delete Opera and still be able to use Local? And why in the world did it even start using Opera in the first place?

Any insight/help is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Hello, Robert! :wave:t3: Thanks so much for bringing your question here.

May I ask, what operating system you are using?

I saw a previous thread from you mentioning Windows 10 - if that is still the case, I would recommend checking if Opera has been set as a default browser.

You can do this by going to Default Apps > Web Browser > Set your preferred web browser.

In addition, you can set Local’s default browser under “Preferences” (see screenshot):

Please let me know if that helps! :slightly_smiling_face:


THANK YOU for getting back to me about this. Actually, the Local I am now using is on a Windows 11 laptop; I had no idea there were even settings/preferences for browsers…it must have been automatic, because I never set them. I will try your suggestion and get back to you after I do so. Again, thank you.

Your suggestion worked…THANK YOU. Again, I never set my preferences to begin with; why it chose to use Opera, I have no idea.

Thank you.

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Woohoo - that’s great, Robert! :tada:

You’re so welcome, have a super day! :wave:t3:


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