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Why set a Browser?

Dear Local Team,

Why are we setting a browser at all? This might have been from an idea to set a persons favorite browser, but unlike the average user we devs most likely have more than one browsers installed, AND actually using them. So, instead of having to set a default browser, why not make the ‘Open Site’ and ‘WP Admin’ buttons of a site, a dropdown that lets US select what browser we want to test or open a site in? vs. setting a default and then ignoring it to use other browsers. This function could actually be useful.

You already detecting some browsers (BTW where is you love for Brave, Opera, Vivaldi, Edge?), but how about making it simpler? Lets US add a browser and then choose which browser to open it with! Heck, how about the ‘All of them’ option? Just for testing giggles? Also this makes this a bit more future proof and lets us, the developers, test with older browser variant we may need to test with per project requirements…

Just sayin’ - have a nice day.

Hello @sebastian -

Thank you for sharing your thoughts & ideas around Browsers.

I will be sure to pass this feedback off to the Local team, we appreciate you!

Sam :woman_technologist:t3:

Hi Sam,

Thanks. I love the simplicity with Local, but sometimes I don’t love the the simplicity with Local. :stuck_out_tongue:
Have a nice day!

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Hi @sebastian -

I hear you! Thank you for your time,

Sam :woman_technologist:t3: