Why SitesSidebar Hook was removed?

There used to be hook SitesSidebar_SitesSidebarSites and SitesSidebar_SitesSidebarSites:Before to add elements int sidebar since 3.2.0 Releases - Local. Those are still present in the documentation https://build.localwp.com/building/hooks/content-hooks.
This was removed with release of version 6.7.0 When the “Starred” And groups were intrduced. Now we got version 8 and still does not work.

It used to work before. Now my element does not render there.
Or there is now other way to add elements into sidebar since we got this “Starred” group and Sites. - With addition of this feature the hook stopped to wrok.

Hi @Isuke01,

That hooks documentation is unfortunately quite out of date due to our mechanism for publishing newer versions being broken for some time.

It looks like those hooks were renamed when we introduced site groups to SitesSidebar_SiteList:Before and SitesSidebar_SiteList.



Is there a way where/how I could see all available hooks?