Access to siteStatus

Hi, can’t figure out how to gain access to the siteStatus string documented in

Tried to find it being used in other add-ons but did not find. any help welcome, basically wanna check if site is running before I attempt to run a method/function and if not then pop an alert to start the site.


@Clay, anyway someone from Local can chime in… this should be a rather straightforward request since its mentionned in the docs that we should have access to it but would need a small code example or nudge… thanks!

Hey! Sorry about the late reply!

It depends on where you are trying to use that parameter. If it’s in a hook, then right now, only the SiteInfo_Top_TopRight hook passes that for you to use:

However, Local does pass this along to you within either the main or renderer that you use for the addon. So for example, the Atlas addon’s renderer is an example of using the siteStatus parameter:

Awesome will give this a whirl, thanks