Windows 10. Hmmmcan't reach this page

I have downloaded and installed Local… filled out all info… seems to be good to go … but this is the msg im getting…

Hmmm…can’t reach this page Try this • Make sure you’ve got the right web address: http://galarie.local • Search for "http://galarie.local" on Bing • Refresh the page Details There was a temporary DNS error. Try refreshing the page. Error Code: INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND

Hi there! Another way to reach the site could be to click on the View Site button on the upper right side of the screen you posted above. Are you able to see the site when you click that button?

Just a note that you will not be able to view this site via your web browser because the site is local (hosted only on your computer). To take the site live you will need to host it most likely with a web hosting company. You can check out how to connect your local site to a live site with Flywheel here:


Hi William,

If you’re running Microsoft Edge, please see [Windows] Why can’t I access my site in Edge?