Windows 10 hosts file error

Hello Local Community,

I am encountering a Windows 10 error when pulling a WP-Engine site. The error is as follows:

I’m having the same issue since updating to 5.5.3 a couple of days ago. I submitted a question about this to support and got back a (probably automated) response saying to search the Community in case someone else had asked the same question, which you did. I can no longer add any new sites until I get an answer to this, which means my business has come to a grinding halt. I’ve spent hours on this trying to sort it out, with no luck. I sure hope someone from their team answers this quickly!

Yup, same here. Quick question, was this error not an issue pre version 5.5.3 ?

Not for me. No problem at all until the update to 5.5.3.

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