Windows 10 - Local 2-2-1 (still no host-only adapter)

Tried latest Local by Flywheel 2-2-1 - no host-only adapter & whatever else.
But I got an error popup after ending Local.
I had to type it in so it is not the exact same format but see below:

Script: C:\Users\ALBERT
Line: 6
Char: 1
Error: The system cannot find the file specified.
Code: 80070002
Source: (null)

I have Visual Studio 2015 Community version - if that has any applicability.

The file that could not be found is there and it is:
ReDim arr(WScript.Arguments.Count-1)
For i = 0 To WScript.Arguments.Count-1
arr(i) = WScript.Arguments(i)

CreateObject(“Wscript.Shell”).Run Join(arr), 0, False