Won't update?

Hello fellow members,

I’m having an issue. My Local won’t shut up about an update. Every time I tried updating, though, install stalls and tells me the installation was stopped. And the software runs forever (I never had enough patience to wait for it to close on its own).
My current version is 5.0.7+1777 (it says Beta, too). I tried manually downloading the installer, and launching it, same thing. My current version works fine, I have no problem with it, that’s why I haven’t tried “updating” after an uninstall. FYI, I’m on windows 10, also I tried both installing for the current user and for everyone (I’m the only user tbh), but both had the same result.

Any idea on what could be the issue, and/or how to address it?

Nevermind, 5.2.7 came and crushed it. Now works perfect.

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