Not receiving updates

Hi there,

I noticed that my Local installation doesn’t notify me of any updates. I got an email today that there is a new update available but after starting Local I can’t find where to install it.

OS: Windows 10
Current Local version: 2.0.8

Thanks, Jory

Hi Jory,

Sorry about that!

You can always manually update by downloading the latest release in the Releases category.

If this still happens when the next release comes out and you’re on 2.1.1, please let us know.

Already tried that update manually but it broke my whole setup (I was updating from a more previous version than 2.0.8).
The 2.0.8 update (or actually, new installation after the crashed update) worked after re-config my local sites so I thought to check the forums first to prevent another crash.

Just tried the update to 2.1.1 again from 2.0.8 and the update worked. Maybe a Windows related issue?
Will keep my eyes open for the next update and let you know if I get a notification.