WooCommerce system status: wp_remote_get() failed. Contact your hosting provider

Issue Summary

I am having issues with a WooCommerce shipping plugin and when I try to troubleshoot it I find in the system status → Server environment that for remote get I have an error “wp_remote_get() failed. Contact your hosting provider.”

Not sure if this is related to my specific plugin but wonder, is it typical that this you have this error in the WooCommerce status when using localwp?

I am using Local 6.1.3+5515 on a MacOS Big Sur 11.6 laptop.

Thanks for the screenshot @johan_falk and Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

I almost wonder if this has to do with some recent issues related to the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate expiring.

Can you provide the PHP error log for this site so that we can get more information about the error that is occuring?

You can find that log under the logs folder next to the app folder for the site.

Hi @johan_falk did you ever find a solution to this? I’m experiencing the exact same issue in WooCommerce. I’m using Local 6.1.5+5536 on MacOS Monterey. @ben.turner I’ve included my PHP error log in case that helps solve the mystery.
error.log (4.3 MB)

Hey @jefff – I’m not seeing any specific errors around the wp_remote_get() function within that log. I do find it odd that in the screenshot of the original poster, the wp_remote_post() function works. Under the hood, those functions are pretty similar with the only difference being the HTTP verb that’s being used.

Is this happening with just the main Woocommerce plugin, or is the site using any Woocommerce add-ons that might be contributing to this issue?

Hey @ben.turner - It is just happening in the main Woocommerce plugin. If I deactivate all extensions, membership, subscription plugins the error is still there under Status. I’m not able to connect to my WooCommerce account. I’m thinking this error may be the reason why.

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Hello Guys

I am having exactly the same issue on localhost (Xampp).
In fact, I’ve not been able to access the WooCommerce setup

Any solution yet?

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