WordPress Databases Location?


My desktop Local app upgraded automatically and does not recognize my old sites.

I would like to restore them, but can not find the databases associated with each website.

Question, where can I find the databases, does Local have any safeguards to protect against system failures, etc…

I would like to restore 3-4 websites but have been hitting a lot of dead ends.

Any help would be appreciated.

I love Local but disaster recovery is a must. Should be #1 feature.

I guess I will have to use a WordPress backup plugin if I deside to continue with Local.

Hello there, @Philip - thank you for bringing your question to the Local Community! :wave:

I’m sorry to hear about your issue.

Have you looked in your Local Sites folder?

Shared with CloudApp

Let’s start there,

Sam :woman_technologist:t3:

Hi Sam,

Yes I looked at several doman folders and could not find anything related to a sql file. Why would the databases suddenly disappear, if they became corrupted I would imagine that their wouild have been a backup???

Thanks for your interest :slight_smile:

I’d like to know also…

Can anyone answer Philip, please???

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