WordPress Installation without Theme

Hello, when I create a new page in local, it installs the Twenty Twenty-Four to Two theme by default, even though I don’t want it to. I would like to develop my own theme. How do I get rid of these themes during the installation?

Hey @egd-itx – Welcome to the Local forums!

There isn’t a way to remove those themes during installation, they come bundled with WordPress and Local doesn’t clean those up.

Instead, you can just remove them after creating the site.

When I delete the themes, I get an error: twentytwentyfour does not exist. The typical Hello World page does not appear.

WordPress needs some kind of theme to know how to render the content of the site. You mention wanting to create a theme – you should be able to create and activate the new theme and then delete the themes that you don’t want included with the site.

Even if the “Hello World” page doesn’t exist, you should be able to log into the WP Admin and install a new theme there.