Workflow Ideas? Local + Tower + GitHub Updater + Connect

I’m trying to expand my business by taking on staff, and with all the awesome features being added to Flywheel, I want to use Local + Flywheel for all WP production. But I’m struggling to wrap my head around the ideal workflow solution.

I’m looking for advice on the tools and workflow others use. I’ve read through some of the Workflow posts which have helped, but I wonder if anyone could give me some pointers on my plan below…

  1. Use Local to develop new themes and plugins (I would be the only one doing this)
  2. Use Tower for version control of themes & plugins on GitHub
  3. Use GitHub Updater within WP for updating themes & plugins on sites (Local, staging or live)
  4. Develop Blueprints using GitHub themes & plugins, and save these to Flywheel for team use

The only thing I seem to be missing in this equation, is how to keep Blueprints synced across Local installs. However, as a workaround, if everyone used Flywheel to spin up the new sites and then Connect to pull them down to Local, this would not be a problem.

This way, anyone on my team can continue to spin-up new sites using Flywheel, and any updates to themes/plugins can be done very quickly via WP Admin.

Any thoughts, advice, improvements?