Working in a team that all uses the same WP database

I’ve recently switched from using MAMP to Local and been very impressed… it’s definitely something with a bit more work from me that I can fully integrate it into our workflow.

One question I have is in regards to working in a team and how I can replicate our previous setup but use Local instead of MAMP.

Our previous setup using MAMP worked well but recently it’s proved a little sluggish. (I’ve written about our process here)

We have a server that contains all our local WP databases and has MAMP running on it. The team of developers each has their own version of MAMP running.

So each developer is reading from the same database on the server but all files are on their local computer so they can push & pull code and share it between them - in turn keeping everyone in sync.

This is done by setting the host as define( 'DB_HOST', '' ); (so that’s the IP of the server along with it’s MAMP port).

The database will stay in sync as they’re all reading the same one and Sourcetree & Bitbucket is used to sync all the files.

Is this even possible using Local? Essentially I want to put the database on the server and then allow everyone to run Local on their own computers but read the database on the server.

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