WP-CLI remote commands - who to setup and use?

Hi there,

with wp-cli it should be possible to do actions on remote servers (with wp-cli active).

I tried that from within local by Flywheel.

First question:
Where to put the configuration (like this: https://make.wordpress.org/cli/handbook/config/)

I put it in the app/public/ folder next to my wp-config.php but than I guess I need to go in that directory.
I used the SSH shell that is triggered on “right-click -> open shell” (wording might be different).

It seemed like wp cli didn’t recognized my config file.

I also tried to use it from the directory directly (like outside of the VM) but that didn’t worked. I have wp-cli installed locally on my computer - so that could have worked.

This is my configuration:

    ssh: git@git.wpengine.com:staging/censored.git
    ssh: git@git.wpengine.com:production/censored.git

Any suggestions?