Remote export using wp cli

Hello !

I try to do an export of a remote Wordpress Flywheel site using wp-cli :
wp rest export

I get :

Error: Couldn’t auto-discover WP REST API endpoint from

When I try using a Local instance :
wp --http=mysite.local rest export

Then I get :

Error: Failed to get url ‘http://www.mysite.local’: cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate.

Also, it is ok locally with just :
wp export

I also checked that those url were returning rest API infos :

Is it the right way to do such exports ? Some hints to share?

I tried to execute some export commands using ssh (before an scp) but it also failed :
ssh \wp export``
returns :

bash: line 1: Starting: command not found

Strange because the same command with only pwd returns a result. Clearly not an expert of ssh commands … :sweat_smile:

Could someone tell me how to achieve such an export ?

Thanks for help.