XDebug 2.5.0 and PHP 7.1

Since both XDebug 2.5.0 and PHP 7.1 are now out it seems like a good time to include both in next update :thinking:

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While we’re at it wp-cli is now at version 1.0.0

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I second the vote for PHP 7.1! I don’t want to have to upgrade my MAMP install just to get PHP7.1. Any time frame as to when it will be available? If it helps, I’m a pro user as I was an original Pressmatic user.


I’m also needing PHP 7.1! Would love to see the Mac version have this soon!


I’d love to see some additional PHP versions like 7.1 which came out last year.


Xdebug 2.5 and PHP 7.1 were implemented a while ago and no one from the Local team closed this out (Sorry!)

I’m going to archive this since there’s a few open feature requests related to newer versions of Xdebug.

Going forward, I’m working with the team to improve our build pipeline so that updates to upstream packages are automatically included. We’re not quite there yet, but once that’s done, we shouldn’t need these kinds of feature requests and you can focus on dreaming up features for your ideal dev workflow!