2 separate Local installs on diff. CPU's showing my sites as "This Site can't be Reached"

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Updated to Local version 5.2.3 the other day, and today both my local installs on both of my machines now go to ‘This Site Can’t Be Reached’ pages when I attempt to go to the admin page or the visit site page.

I noticed when I opened local the Host was set to none, and even when I set it back to Flywheel it still didn’t work.

Seems the issue is with the Router Mode: Site Domans

I say that b/c it seems to be fine when I switch it over to localhost…

Is this a change since the update and was the old way using the localhost??

The main difference is site domain shows the url as webitename.local, where as localhost doesn’t show the website name in the local url.

Anyone have any clue on how to fix this?

I’m on Mac High Sierra, if it matters.

Lots of pain over this in 5.2.3. I’m not seeing the problem in Local Beta 5.2.3 in Mohave, but lots of people appear to be having it with the regular release. As you say, it seems like something is going on with the Router Mode settings.

Your problem is to figure out how to reach your sites. So as a diagnostic step, what happens when you are in Site Domains mode and you click the “View Site” button (directly underneath the “Stop Site” button in Local)? That button should take you to where Local thinks your site is.

Another thing you could try is to export your site from Local in “localhost” mode and then reimport it in “Site Domains” mode.

Another thing that can get screwed up is if the site URL in Wordpress settings is something different than it is in Local. If you can’t access the site through a browser, you can check (and edit) that directly using Sequel Pro. It’s at the top of the wp-options table.

I hope one of these ideas helps.

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