20% of CPU consumption, fan running crazy

I’m on new Lenovo p14s i7-1370P with 64GB RAM, Nvidia 8GB and Win11 Pro x64. Latest LocalWP version installation lets run CPU consumption higher than 20%, the fan spins crazy. LocalWP makes this effect without to start a site.

This is a clean and empty laptop, no software beside of LocalWP and preinstalled apps, nothing running beside LocalWP. I already tried to re-install LocalWP - but after new start I experience the same effect.

In opposite to running LocalWP on previous machine with Win10Pro I even run into an issue with error “WordPress can not make requests to itself from” from one plugin. Don’t know, whether this message is related to the high CPU consumption.

What to do?

Hi, @EvgeniyO. Is there any antivirus, security, or firewall software running on the new machine that could restrict Local (including Windows Defender)? You’ll need to allow it to run unrestricted if so.

You can also check the performance thread here: Optimizing Local "Lightning" performance on Windows 10

What relation have antivirus, security, or firewall to LocalWP, while it runs locally?

Antivirus or security software that prevents Local’s access to the filesystem or local/remote network will cause it to behave unexpectedly.

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