404 Error on all Local Site

Bug Summary

From today I have encountered 404 errors on all of my local sites. Even making a new local site from scratch and clicking ‘open site’ replies in a 404 error?

The only thing I did early was that I changed the ‘Site Domain’ name from the ‘Overview’ tab for one of my local sites, this seemed to start off the 404’s or might have been a coincidence

Windows 10
Latest version of Local 6.1.8+5621

Thank you for any help

Hey @SteveCargill

I’ve moved this topic to the “Support” category since the “Bug” category is more for wide-spread, reproducible issues – Let’s see what’s going on and how we can help you!

In order to get more info about what Local is encountering, can you click the “Download Local Log” button on the “Support” tab and upload the zip file it creates? These logs have details about what kinds of errors Local is encountering when running.

Thanks for the reply Ben. Please find ‘Local log’ attached
local-logs.zip (33.0 KB)

No idea what has happened but it’s all now working again?

I have the same problem. Do i have to open a new topic?

I am on Windows 10 - Nginx - PHP 7.3.5
Local.zip (147.9 KB)

Hi @Gordon - Happy to help. It looks like your zip file has a formatting issue. Can you follow the steps here to get a fresh copy of your Local Log? Retrieving Local’s Log File

Hi Nick,

Thank you for your answer. This is.
logs.zip (10.8 KB)

I succeed to open my website with the browser Vivaldi, but i cannot do it with Chrome where i need to work with (nor with firefox).

I cleared all historics, cookies, etc… but nothing helped

Is the last log zip helping more to see what problem i have?

Because it is still impossible to work with chrome.

Thank you in advance for all the help and advices you could give me!

Hi @Gordon - Is Chrome throwing a 404 error still for your sites or is it something else?

What PHP version is the site running on? Has that changed between updates or your troubleshooting?

Hi @Nick-B i made the mistake to update of the PHP version to a newer one.

When i a saw it didn’t work, access to my website didn’t wor anymore, i reinstalled previous version, but nothing change…

And still it is not working with chrome, telling me my connexion is not private, as if the SSL was no more recognized…


Do you have some information then, so i could resolve my porblem please?

Thanks for all help you could give me :slight_smile:

Hi @Gordon sorry for the delay here:

Nick here following up on your support request!

In order to refresh here and start with a clean slate could you give the below troubleshooting steps a try?

  • Check to see if any updates are available for Chrome, if so bring it up to date.

  • Export any sites that you have on Local and save them to a folder somewhere on your computer.

  • Fully uninstall Local from your computer.

  • Install the latest version of Local on this link.

  • Once installed, please restart the computer.

  • When the computer is restarted and turned on, close any applications that automatically run in the background (AntiVirus, Firewall, and other Developer applications included).

  • Check and see if the issue still persists. If so, please provide us with an updated log. Retrieving Local’s Log File

Keep us posted and we’d be happy to help further!

Hi @Nick-B thank you very much it finally works!

Just for information, when you finish reinstallation of Local, you have to :

  • Transform saved folder with your site name in zip.

  • Then you can import directly from local.

  • Try to connect once, but it will fail (it is normal at this point but necessary)

  • Then only you restart your computer and all work well :slight_smile:

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Hello @Gordon -

Wonderful! Thank you for letting us know.

I will mark your thread as resolved - we really appreciate you listing out the steps that worked for you.


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