New User, Having 404 Error when I spin up a new site in Local

Hello, I am getting the 404 error when I first spin up my sites in Local. Attached are my error logs.
error.log (47.9 KB)
I do not have XAMMP, MAMP, or Desktopserver running as other error questions have said. Where can I get some support to find out what is going on?.
Thank you,

@UlysesAColon The issue is probably that you installed latest version, which is 5.0.6 Beta. Install 3.3.0 (find it on this forum under Releases).

That should fix all problems.

Hey @UlysesAColon,

Thanks for giving Local a try! Can you verify what operating system you’re using, as well as what version of Local you’re on?

It does appear that, per the error logs, something in your machine might be refusing a connection to Local. Are you currently running any firewall or anti-virus software? If so, disabling that should allow the site to spin up and work properly.

I am using windows 10 as my OS My anti-virus is Webroot, I’ll check firewall settings. @UnlikeCoder As well i’ll do a reinstall with the V3.3.0. Than you fdor the suggestion. I will keep trying on this.