5.0.7 Linux issues


Firstly many thanks for the work going into making this now a multi platform product.

I am running Manjaro Linux, a derivative of Arch, so have managed to get Local running through AUR and have converted the RPM for 5.0.7.

Initially I had issues with libncurses.so.5 not available for “mysql -e create database local”
and then libnettle.so.6 for php commands when installing wordpress. Not sure if these can be self contained rather than reliance on library support packages else where? Alot of searching to resolve those two.

So finally getting things to install and work, all good. Then I decided to look at adding extra extension / modules to php as wanted to be able to install some other things along side WordPress.

Trying to install uvDesk it requires additions of:

  • imap extension is currently in-active.
  • mailparse extension is currently in-active.

So, off I look to see what extensions are in place, I cant see any in the /opt/Local/resources/extraResources/site-binaries-linux folders.

Also in the phpinfo() it shows:
extension_dir /home/vsts/work/_temp/local-lightning-php/php-7.3.5/build/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20180731
So this folder structure I assume is from the development instance you have built.

I see in the config files there is the ability to add .dll files under Windows, so are you intending to allow Linux to have the library’s / extensions available too? If so, an interface to activate or disable them would certainly be handy.

Sorry for long rambling message, I hope it all makes sense

This made sense to me. I’m on Arch on the same path as you.

I fixed the ncurses.5.so errors with this package from AUR:

I have nettle installed. What did you do to fix libnettle.so.6 errors?

I needed libnettle.so.6 and libhogweed.so.4. I happened to have them in a Steam installation. I symlinked them over to /usr/lib and it is working now.

Did you try installing the modules right into the folder for DLL’s?

Hi - Thanks for the reply, I think there was an AUR of something that kicked in nettle, was a few weeks ago now, was a bit of a strange thing and much searching, so I cant be precise what fixed it.

Installing the modules to the DLL folder I’m not sure will help as none have been included in the distribution, so would have to be searching for precompiled of that version. I sort of moved onto other things with it all having got it running, will be interesting to see what happens when a new Beta come along, if that will break everything and mean have to repeat the steps again. Grrrr