Linux Ubuntu 20.04 Lightning-Services PHP

PHP 7.4.1 and PHP 8.0.0 not working 100%
( PHP 7.3.5 OK , despite imagick optional module not installed )

  1. Freshly installed OS
    Ubuntu 20.04
    /home partition not formatted
    so ~/.config/Local was kept from previous installation
  2. Freshly installed Local
    Version 5.9.7+5156
  3. New site created
    PHP 7.3.5
  4. Changed PHP version to 7.4.1
    ( Local has provided a way to download updated PHP files to ~/.config/Local/lightning-services/php-7.4.1+14 )

    “Could not reach
    As a result, no Themes or Plugins can be added at all
  5. Changed PHP version to 8.0.0
    ( download of PHP files to ~/.config/Local/lightning-services/php-8.0.0+1 )

    Quite promising, just imagick module issue as on PHP 7.3.5, but…
    http://sitename.local/wp-admin/plugin-install.php for adding new plugins renders nothing but a blank screen
    Weird enough, http://sitename.local/wp-admin/theme-install.php for adding new themes seems to be working fine
    Local Log:
    local-lightning.log (558.3 KB)

Being able to switch between mentioned PHP versions, which is quite good, given the fact that only one of those is performing good enough.
I sincerely hope this can help experts to find a solution. I would be happy to have PHP 8.0.0 working, even if version 7.4.1 would not be “fixed”.
Great job the localwp team has been doing, by the way.


I can confirm. Seeing the exact same issue on Ubuntu 20.04 using php 7.4.1 with Local Version 5.9.8+5191. Php 7.3.5 works fine, but it is nice to be able to build with the same version as production server.

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