5.5.3 for Mac Os : Certificate has expired

Hi, with this last update, once the last files of a website are imported, there is this popup message “Error : certificate has expired”.
And that’s it. It’s impossible to import a site.

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Same for me… Can’t add new project or install some plugin.

i also have the same error.
It was fine yesterday.
And now it wont allow me push to flywheel and it cannot find any of my hosted sites

Same here. Although for me it seems that it’s only showing me that error when I set up a new site and it has to download additional software based on the site settings

Hi all,

So sorry for this trouble! One of our CDN’s had an intermediate certificate authority expire in its chain, which caused issues with Node.js/Electron, but not browsers like Chrome.

We’ve moved all of Local’s downloadable site services away from our old CDN to our new CDN located at cdn.localwp.com. We’ve confirmed that the CA expiration does not impact the new CDN setup.

Note: If you are still running into this issue, try restarting Local. Upgrading/reinstalling Local shouldn’t be necessary to resolve this particular issue.

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This issue is fixed. Thank you.

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