A doubt related to absolute links when republishing

Hi there,
I am redesigning a WordPress page and donwloaded the exact copy to “local” to modify it. For the backup I have used wp-all-in-one migration. Now, my doubt is that currently I see all the links absolute to the local instalation.
Will that be somehow fixed if I extract an new backup from the local page and upload it to the production Wordpress, or do I have to change something for that my links won’t break?

I apreciate you help upfront. Have a good day!!

Hi @Frank2

If you’re using a migration plugin, it might do some search and replace for you automatically. Our Local Connect function handles this when pushing/pulling with WP Engine or Flywheel. If you’re moving files and folders manually, then you might have to clean up URLs with some Search and Replace jobs. If you are able to SSH into the server you can do these that way, or you can use a plugin like Better Search Replace.

If you’re using SSH you would run some commands like this:

wp search-replace https://localwp.local https://frank2.com --all-tables

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Hey @Frank2
Before moving your WordPress site from your local computer to the live server check for absolute links pointing to the local installation. You can use a search and replace tool to switch these links to the live URLs. Plugins like “Better Search Replace” or “Velvet Blues Update URLs” can help with this. This ensures your links work fine on the live site and avoids any broken links.


Yes, that is exactly what works. @Nick-B, you are right that the plugin does it, but it’s safer to have a look at the live site in Local to double check as @benjamin1 mentioned.
I my case I found some user errors :wink: and correct them before going live. Thanks both!

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Glad to hear it @Frank2! Thank you for the help @benjamin1 :green_heart:

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