A new WordPress install conflicts with an existing multi-site WordPress install


I have a multi-site WordPress installed locally on my computer, it has 4 subdomains, and it was working perfectly.
Then, I tried to install another single-site WordPress instance on the same LOCAL, the new instance worked fine, but it caused an issue with my existing multi-site instance, the main domain kept working, but the other 3 subdomains became unreachable, and all the requests to these subdomains were redirected to the new website.

Here is how my hosts file looks like, the subdomains are not really subdomains, it’s defferent domains than the main domain:

## Local by Flywheel - Start ## loc.domain1.tv #Local Site www.loc.domain1.tv #Local Site loc.domain2.net #Local Site loc.domain3.fm #Local Site loc.domain4.net #Local Site newsite.loc #Local Site www.newsite.loc #Local Site
## Local by Flywheel - End ##

Could you please advise and help me?


The problem is resolved, just disabled the browser cache :sweat_smile:.

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