Local subdomain Multisite configuration on Windows


I’m using the latest Local on Windows and I want to get a local multisite setup. I created a new site, chose “Yes - Subdomain” in the advanced options when you setup WordPress and created the new site. However, when I login to the network admin, create a new subsite and try to visit it I get a “This site can’t be reached” error in all browsers. Is there some kind of extra nginx or Windows DNS configuration I have to enable to get it working?

I tried to search for some documentation but “Local flywheel documentation multisite” only returns pages to do with Flywheel the hosting company supporting multisite. “Local documentation multisite” obviously isn’t specific enough to Local by Flywheel, so I am stuck for now.

Is multisite possible with Local on Windows and if so how do I set it up?


Aha, the “Sync multi-site domains to host file” link did the trick.

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Yes, that’s a great find @patrick_wc. Glad to hear that did the trick!