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Ability to download/change specific PHP versions

Would it be possible to show a wider range of PHP versions that you can download?

Right now we show four versions of PHP to select from. With one that comes shipped with the app and three others that we can download if needed.

Could we have in the preferences menu an option to show all PHP versions to download or PHP versions to display in the PHP version dropdown shown on the install step/overview?

I know there are some client sites that need plugins that rely on very specific versions of PHP and having just the four options limits what can be done.

I’m not sure how practical this is right now, since each version has to be compiled by the Local developers and might even be directly paired up with other services (like nginx).

That said, maybe a method of using custom versions entirely, where you point Local to the executable elsewhere on your computer, would be a possibility in the future for all these lightning-services. Actually, doing that may be a way to also streamline things such as native support on Apple Silicon, as well as being able to use precisely the build flags for PHP your web server uses, to better mirror the live config in Local.

But I don’t think something like that is too practical, as these services are built directly for Local and I’m not sure Local can be quite Local as a tool that generally just works if they need to support any version of any of these services, including those some of us already have anyway via Homebrew.

This would be helpful for our support team to reproduce issues on customer websites. Even having one version per PHP minor version (7.0, 7.1, etc.) would be sufficient. We don’t need anything more specific than that.

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