List remote sites alphabetically or add a search feature (for clients with gobs of sites)

We host over 200 websites. When I want to install one of those sites locally it takes quite a while to find it. That would be a lot easier if the sites were either listed alphabetically or I could search for it.


I’ve passed this onto our Lead Designer. Thanks for the feedback and video!

Cool thanks!

Mark Priestap

Creative Director

Just here to say I support this 100%! Now, this might not be that big of a deal if you don’t have a bunch of sites, but I literally just scrolled through 174 sites…TWICE, to find the site I was looking for. A search or alphabetical listing would be so, so, so helpful!

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I also would like to express the urgent need for this feature.

It’s absolutely frustrating to have a list of sites that are in a different order each time you use the app, especially in an agency setting where we’re constantly pushing/pulling changes back and forth to WP Engine.

I’m using the latest version 5.9.2 on Mac.

Please escalate this feature request!

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Hello all! Replying here that we have a few feature requests for this topic. Merging them together so feel free to vote, comment and follow along in one spot. We are definitely looking into this and will share updates in the near future.