Access Local sites on networked v 5.4.1?

I’ve been testing Local 5.4.1. But I’m not able to access Local sites via other devices on my network as I was using native Mac OS AMP or MAMP, by simply editing my other device hosts files.

I’d finally found a video by Megan Garwood on youtube indicating VirtualBox would allow configuring this capability. However it appears that was for an older version of Local.

So, I’m back here hoping there is a method to do this. Is there an updated methodology? At the moment, this is an Achilles heel form me and Local as it kills a key need in my workflow to be able to work on code and front end via different computers to maximize screen real estate.

I can live with Live Link for the time being, but it really is not a proper solution. Otherwise, Local has been nice so far.

I had grown weary of updating my native AMP stack every time Apple released a major OSX version, as well as some of the general upkeep. So I was looking to simplify and take some of the tech out of my design experience. Thus Local. Seems I can’t win the web tech wack-a-mole. Always has to be a pothole to spoil the smooth ride.