Push/Pull Actions

I want to be able to perform an action when a user push/pulls a site.
Not just when a site is created or deleted, but when a site is pushed up or pulled down.

I’ve looked through all the docs and I’m only seeing siteStatus as a param,

and not seeing any actions for when a site is pushed/pulled

I did see that the graphql has a siteStatus endpoint, but i’m unsure as to where the graphql endpoint is.

thank you

Hi @HH2

Can you give us some more details about what it is you’re trying to accomplish? What “action” are you wanting to add during the push/pull process?

Building an internal app that tracks edits in wordpress and stores the data in supabase. Looking to hook into a push or pull to save a record in supabase when the last time a site was pushed from local. If the site has been pushed by a dev on the team, we want to store that and be able to compare those times to one another’s locals and to the various dev, stage, prod versions.

Hi @HH2 - As mentioned in our other communication I’ve updated this into a feature request while our team looks into it further. Thank you!