Add imap extension in php using Mac OSX Catalina

Hi I’ve noticed the imap extension is not active on PHP v7.3.5.
I’ve tried the steps from the following links.

But because I’m working on a Mac the guides don’t work.
Would it be possible to do a guide for Mac users.

Thanks, hope you can help.

What version of macOS are you running? Catalina limits running unsigned PHP binaries and makes this more difficult.

Sorry, yes it is Catalina 10.15.4. I thought it was Mojave.

Is there no fix for this on Catalina.

Yah, I can’t get to work because of the unsigned php binaries!
Could you help us out?

Also trying to add IMAP extension but I can’t follow the guide—it doesn’t work. Please advise, Local!

Apple has introduced new security requirements in macOS Catalina, and as @pinha pointed out, Catalina won’t run unsigned binaries.

One solution would be creating an Apple developer account and notarizing the binaries yourself OR disabling SIP (not recommended!).

We’re exploring offering PHP binaries as a service within Local, but this falls outside Local’s mission (historically). TBD!

I was able to put extensions to work, and I believe Local Team would also do it, but I don’t know if the team is interested on doing this because it enables Local to be used in substitution of AMPP p.e. (I would buy it for sure).
I can share a tutorial in how to add extensions to Local’s by compiling a new PHP installation, if Local Team authorise me to do it. I don’t mess with other peoples work and effort.

Best regards.

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