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Add-ons do not show as installed 6.4.3

Bug Summary

Despite being installed, the add-on tabs do not show that they are installed.

Steps to reproduce

Install an add-on, restart, go to add-ons tab, INSTALL ADD-ON button persists

Environment Info

Describe your environment.

  • Windows 10
  • Nginx, PHP, MySQL
  • 6.4.3

I can confirm this. I have many installed add-ons yet the display shows none.

Also they don’t seem to be loaded.

Deleting the contents of the addons folder and re-installing seems to work.

Thank you. I did delete all and reinstalled them but after opening Local a few times they disappeared again. Hopefully you have better luck as they are installed but just do not show this!

Mine are still showing and this is definitely a bug :bug:

:bug: Good catch! Definitely strange, I’ll get this patched with the team!


Hi @billiemead and @afragen - I’m digging into this bug, but I’m having trouble reproducing it.

To clarify, you were on Local 6.4.2 and had installed and enabled plugins, upgraded to 6.4.3, and then the add-ons disappeared immediately after upgrading? Did you have any symlinked add-ons in the addons directory at the time of the upgrade?

Also, if you are still having this problem, could I ask you to download your Local Logs just after the bug happens and upload them to this thread? You can do so from the “Support” tab, at the bottom of the page there is a button to “Download Local log”. Another thing that could help us is, if not already enabled, turning on “Error reporting” in the preferences menu, under “Advanced”. Then we could potentially search for this bug on our error dashboard.

I’ll continue digging into the code, but without the ability to reproduce, I’m afraid we might not land on a fix. I appreciate you calling our attention to this!

@adamperry yes I was on 6.4.2 and updated to 6.4.3. After updating none of my previously installed plugins were displaying. None were symlinks.

I was able to fix this issue as described above. I’ll attach a log after I get back to the computer but as this was over 3 weeks ago…

Sending all the log files I have as I’m not sure what you want is in latest one. Happy spelunking.

Archive.zip (366.1 KB)

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Thanks for uploading those @afragen - I think this bug might call for more verbose logging.

Could you grab your local-lightning-verbose log files? Those will live in your user.name/Library/Logs/ directory, and be called local-lightning-verbose.log. Sorry for the late request, we recently switched up logging and I had forgotten about the verbose logs!

Attached are all verbose logs.
Archive.zip (619.0 KB)

Thanks for those - I was able to see that you had downloaded PHP 7.4.30 after the upgrade, and that seems to be the culprit here. I was able to reproduce this Marketplace bug by switching to a PHP version that I needed to download. After the switch, Marketpace shows no installed addons (though the addons are still active in the app).

Restarting the app does fix the issue and correct the Marketplace, but this is definitely a bug I can now try and fix. Thanks again for the help chasing this down!


Hello @billiemead & all!

Happy to report that this bug has been addressed in the latest Beta version of Local. :tada:

You are welcome to download and test Local Beta 6.5.1 - more details can be found below:

Please watch for the latest version of Local dropping very soon with this fix!

Thank you,

Sam :woman_technologist:t3:

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