Additional volumes are removed after an update of the environment

I have noticed that volumes added with the extension are removed after an upgrade of the environment (update from custom 1.3.1 to custom 1.3.2).

I use volumes a lot with symbolic links to keep my themes and plugin in one location and to test them in different sites.

Is there a way to quickly export/import custom volumes?
Is that something you can fix or improve in the future?

I would love a solution to this too.

Hey guys! I’ve been chatting with a couple users about a similar setup. It looks like lots of folks use a shared Core, Plugins, Themes codebase (and sometimes sync that over something like Dropbox/Google Drive). The Volumes add-on makes this setup (and others like yours) cumbersome by requiring you setup each site individually. Looking into ways to improve this!

Would an app-level setting to configure default Volume config help?

Personally, I keep my plugin development files in a separate folder on my hard drive and symlink them into wp-content/plugins individually via the Volumes Addon plugin.

I wrote a bit about it here,

I have the same usage as @afragen. All my sites use symlinks for themes and plugins that I develop. Some sites share the same plugins or themes, but it’s a minority.

In this situation, an app-level setting would not help.

Same, and the update wiped all of my volumes and configs. I can get them back by redoing, but tedious and a bit frustrating that there was no warning.

Hey team! We’re working on proper symlink support in the next major release (slated for late June 2019), so stay tuned to a much improved process for this :slight_smile:


If you’re looking for beta testers :wave: