Addon Installation Fail (version 6.4.3+6116)

I’m running Local 6.4.3 on Windows 10 and none of the Addons will install. The installation indicator hangs. The log file states…

{“thread”:“main”,“reason”:{“errno”:-4037,“syscall”:“rename”,“code”:“EXDEV”,“path”:“D:\AppData\Local\Temp\local-uBhspL9vB\package”,“dest”:"%%userDataPath%%\addons\local-addon-notes"},“p”:{},“eventId”:“68c584d6844a44e2b77724a800b893a1”,“level”:“warn”,“message”:“Unhandled Rejection.”,“timestamp”:“2022-10-20T19:47:10.459Z”}

I noticed that the path is pointing to my “D:” drive instead of “C:”. Does anyone know how I can correct that path?


I resolved the issue by editing Windows environment path and pointing the TEMP folder path to the C:\ drive.

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