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Adminer PHP memory settings

Since the upload cap is so low Adminer can’t be used to import medium to large databases. This would be simple enough to solve by editing phpini for local to allow larger file uploads.
Since the lack of open source database handlers we do only get a paid option with TablePlus.
The primary reason for using local is the simplicity, speed and GRAPHICAL interface. Having to resort to command line for database is… not just right.
Would love to be able to set the upload limits as any other web server so Adminer can be used as it should.

Thanks for creating this feature request!

Out of curiosity, how large are you thinking when you say “medium to large” database?

Hundreds of megabytes? Gigabytes?

Thanks for replying. I am currently using databases in the ranges of 50 MB to 1.5 GB (in some cases 5GB), most of them under 1 GB however. Would be enough to set limits up when needed.